Petition to introduce the new logo of Masaryk University
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Petition to introduce the new logo of Masaryk University

Autor: Jiri Damborsky | vloženo: 15.12.2017 | 2 podpisy
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We hereby signed members of the Masaryk University academia support the introduction of the new, bright blue logo MUNI after almost 30 years.


The logo should refer to the first republic tradition of the city of Brno. The strong vertical lines signify stability and the subtle lines represent dynamics and openness, which belong to our university. The last letter points also to the number one, which refers to our aim: we would like to be the number one university in the Czech Republic.


We believe the financial means invested in the creation of the new logo and its implementation on university buildings, advertising items, banners, stationery, presentations, etc. are well spent.




Note: Dear members of academia, it is surely fair to give the new logo a chance and to create the space for those who support the change to express their ideas. Both petitions (for and against) are going to be closed after the equivalent number of days and handed over together with all comments to the university management.


The description of the logo was taken from:

Komu bude petice předána: Management of Masaryk University

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