Otevreni prechodu Branka
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Otevreni prechodu Branka

Author: Zdenek Scharnagl | Uploaded: 12.05.2020 | 5 signatures
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Podporte otevreni hranicniho prechodu Bärnau -Branka diky jeho nesmyslnemu zavreni spousta lidi musi v Nemecku bydlet nebo najizdet mnoho nasobne vic kilometru a diky zavreni prechodu spousta lidi je bez prace

To whom will the petition be forwarded: Starosta mesta Tachova Miroslav Macak

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Discussion was stopped because of many unsuitable contributions.

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  • MOINKHAN moin khan | pakistan
  • Kateřina Danková | Tachov
  • zdenek scharnagl | Halže
  • Lenka Rýglová | Tavhov
  • Zdenek Scharnagl | Tachov
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